Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thermal Conduction Problems (Level: APB)

This podcast introduces the formula for calculating rate of heat transfer through conduction, with an example problem to help demonstrate how the formula is used.

Heat as Energy Transfer (Level: APB)

This podcast explains the definition of heat, and how it differs from internal energy. It also explains conduction, convection, and radiation as the three methods of heat transfer.

Thermal Expansion (Level: APB)

This podcast discusses calculations for the linear and volume expansion of objects when heated.

SHM & Uniform Circular Motion (Level: APC)

This podcast deals with the similarities between simple harmonic motion and uniform circular motion. Problem-solving is discussed, using functions for position, velocity, and acceleration of a simple harmonic oscillator.

Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion (Levels: APB, APC)

This podcast explains how to think about the energy of a simple harmonic oscillator (specifically a mass-spring system), and also how to solve related problems.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review Blast: Forces during Rolling (Level: APC)

This podcast is a very quick review of what forces are acting on a rolling object, and how those forces affect the object's motion.

Review Blast: Rotational Energy Conservation (Level: APC)

This podcast is a very quick review of how to use energy-conservation ideas when an object is rotating during its motion.